Fourth of the Moonhouses

speech formation

A scheme

I use some tricks for the creation of the texts in this 'construction kit', which should help me to convert the wasteland into a more fertile soil. I thoroughly search through the existing texts, explore the state of my being and find out what I care about. A real contemplation I can achieve at times by reading these writings. Whenever this condition occurs to me, I recognize it and know that I am well. But then I also know that it is the text itself that has led me there. So I can leave this well and gladly as it already is.


Preserving high goods

Everyone will probably have some higher goods in their possession. These should constitute the quintessence of his existence. Those who have already recognized them sufficiently well in themselves are certainly holding one of the keys to the true things of their existence firmly in their hands.


quality of life

What will be the meaning of one's life? - Man tries to align himself with such one with certainty. This will give him a good way of dealing with his existence. He certainly needs such good manners. This alone gives him added value for himself.

That's my opinion on that. That's what I live for. I try to keep a suitable orientation for my cause on my way of life and to realize what is connected with it faithfully, as it happens with me. What thoughts and ideas come up about myself in the process, I consider to be the real framework of these things. So I come to record some of it in words.

speech formation

Authorization for a Concerns

Something said by other people has a different justification for them than for ourselves. We want to be able to determine what we think about ourselves. That should correspond to us, what we would like to receive and reciptieren. No one can pin that on us if we don't want that to happen.