Second Moonhouse


The display of an actual work of art

A consideration of the given things should unlock this for us. This will be simplified by preparing a show of them. For this purpose, the respective plants are to be arranged sensibly. There will also be something to say about it. Figures, data and facts would like to be named by us. Even the premises of such an exhibition should be used for the display of works. The naming of the circumstances of such a show of works is intended to convey the whole thing through the media.

There will be something alive about it when the people involved enter into their own relationship to an artist's work. That's supposed to be admissible. If these will do so, such an exhibition can be a cheerful place where life is lively.

The given shall be well prepared. It is usually a reflection of something you have already experienced and know well. Pointing out the actual motivations for a work can make it comprehensible. Why shouldn't one give information about this? - Other people will get something out of it if you say something about these pictures that also has a true meaning. This will all correspond to each other. There should be some atmosphere in the minds of those interested in art.



The given carries a certain content, which will have to be understood by man. It was important to do justice to such a salary during the preparation of a work exhibition. It is to be corresponded to this, in order to provide a meaningful work exhibition. Problems have to be pointed out and clarified in advance. The viewers of such an exhibition would not be able to bear this.

Every human being should have the right to a certain podium for his thoughts and ideas, in order to work on his own in a meaningful way. For the painter and writer Schneider, it will currently only be his own circle of friends and his activity on the Internet, where he can sort himself and weight his own good. He makes good use of both. He tries to prepare himself so that his things succeed him. What is there to come about that is worth mentioning, so that would not be given? - The persons involved should understand this work almost easily and assign it to the actual history of the artist in a simple way.

Schneider works up a certain knowledge of the circumstances of his own life for himself. As it is, it should be accepted and well understood. To this end, he places his works in a context that does justice to them.


The process

It is meant for us that we create our own good ourselves. For this you choose a suitable approach. One refers here to the real bases of one's own existence. Work for work one establishes a basis for achieving one's own things and thus equips oneself with a pool of materials.

In retrospect, one should then shed some light on one's own work. You can work out what you've done. You can create your own fonts for this purpose. One is already familiar with the corresponding profession. It's like the workshop of an alchemist in our country. This medieval craftsmanship will have to be explored if it is to become something in our country.

You can buy a stock of actual examples for the motive, which will be good to use. Own examples have to be created as well. Their goodness should correspond to our own sense of taste. A mixture of these two parts can make a successful work. It is to be formed in a coherent manner from its own holdings.

Meanwhile, keep the given as it is. One does one's work in the rough as well as for the fine with benign impulses. The work is to be designed as a unit.


Gestural work

That gesture of one's own, which sometimes occurs in such a practical activity as writing one's own texts, will mark some of our progress. One needs one's own hands to work. Thanks to these hands one makes progress in the preparation of one's own. In doing so, we imagine the essence of things within us. Work and essence are thus reflected at the interface of gesture.

With devotion one should therefore be active at work in order to be filled with devotion oneself. What we realize on our own, we also train on ourselves. Thanks to such a foundation, an education of the character of a human being takes place. Without a substance to it no talent of the world will grow up.

So it is precisely such examples of a work of art that are needed to train one's own strength. One can also pay attention to the hands and forms of the masters just as one should pay attention to one's own when being active. A teaching would be impossible to convey without a true content from it.

speech formation

Your own wiki as a type case

Working on my own texts is similar to a writer's work for me. It's working with words and gestures. It is sometimes also a matter of training in craftsmanship. In dealing with the German language, I carry it out on my own.

To create my own texts I have used this Wiki here as well as other text collections within my file 'Baukasten'. This 'construction kit' is a system of similarly constructed junction boxes, which were created according to the same scheme. Inside these typesetting boxes I arrange my actual thoughts and ideas into entire text works. I have done this in my own words in a way determined by myself. I hope that my lyrics are stringent. I wished it so much that an integrity of myself could be preserved.

Unfortunately it has often happened to me that I have written down my things a little too hastily and have therefore been a little too hasty in their execution. Then it often happened that very imperfect texts were created.

Since the year 2011 I have saved almost every font I have created and published it in the form in which it was created by me. That possessed method for me. I have thus made these things known to people and hoped that they would give me some support, but also some feedback. It is so true that I wouldn't know immediately after the creation of such a font whether it will be sufficient in the long run.

Some mistakes have been easy to improve. Other types of errors, on the other hand, have been very deeply incorporated into the relevant texts by myself. This has happened involuntarily so through me. I first had to learn to recognize what these real falsehoods are. In the beginning I often overlooked them when I saw my 'construction kit'. The presence of these things without kindness made me complain a little.

I would like to be the author of something benign, but not a bungler. My attention for the moment is the only tool available to me to take note of the given. That which I have named myself therefore has to be constantly checked by me for its actual coherence, if it is to become something good with it.

I also take some breaks. So I have at times in an alert way with fresh eyes and lively spirit the existing text material here again examined. I read about it in the respective wikis. I have interpreted the emotions that have come up to me during this time and learned something about this own thing.

I want to finish this kit sometime. The writings contained in it should be able to be assigned to myself and my existence in a justified way. They are to correspond to this.

It has at times already been in my power to work on this for many hours of the day. I've willingly done so. I do this work in order to get some real cards at some point, which help me to fulfil my real task for this life.

speech formation

Safety and security

The things of one's own existence are actually already secured. Everything is already there and happens. This has remained valid for us and can therefore also be used as an approach for gaining a certain insight.

This will experience its validity even beyond the moment of a present. Even in this respect, this world has so far remained constant. So now we should expect that everything will still be there and will happen.

Precisely this prospect of our future in the present has at times already led me to certain conclusions, which I would now like to name here in an extremely brief manner.

What good can one do with such an existence as a human being? - I would now like to deal with this question.

Because of our own mood, we experience some moods in this life. This will determine the current value of a situation for us. There will be no state of permanence if one includes the mind of a person in one's own reflection on this existence. Our life reveals itself so manifold through this inner movement of ourselves.

Meanwhile, this life also knows its straight paths. While these seem to be almost confusing runs at times, which we do there at times, all the circles we have started to run close again at some point. Everything is closely interlinked. To consider this should cast some light, but also a shadow of things on this existence.


From the actual depth of things

For me, the preservation of one's own is connected with the attempt of personal probation at work and allows me as a human being to see a true depth of things. Even if it is not easy for me as a designer to transfer something that has been seen to a pictorial level, it will actually already be there and thus also be effective.

This should mean the inner illustration of a person. A person's own impulse reveals one of the true values of this cosmos. Everything in it occurs in its true proportions.

That's how we experience this life. After a fulfilling moment of rest, we are soon penetrated again by a movement that allows us to become active.


About reading

Who, like me, has tried to read and understand many things in his existence, will perhaps at some point come to the point at which he ends with it. He will find that it will probably be better for him to spit out what he has read before.

For my part, I sift and weight these things in retrospect. I assign it to each other and add something where it was missing. I'll save all that by writing it down myself. I'll do it in my own way. I am referring to my artistic work.