Third Moonhouse


Accepting the given

You wouldn't be able to make this world up. Everything would be there. That's the way it's supposed to be. You couldn't get anything from a source that didn't exist. But one can confidently trust that the existing will certainly be retained. That wouldn't be a great thing to make a fuss about. It will be a simple event of this life.

This statement should remain valid for the whole duration of this existence. Therefore, in the course of time, it will grow into a powerful knowledge for us.

The human being is given a real strength. He owns these. So with his hands, he can do some work. He usually creates his own works.

These works endow man with goods which are suitable for him. He can make shoes, weave baskets, weave carpets, catch fish, prepare food. He can do things like that. Then he will soon have something at hand that can be exchanged for an equivalent value. So this existence leads to an exchange with other people when you work something. It's good to have someone who gets along well with his fellow men.


The good thing about this existence

Then, when we perceive and understand the goodness of this existence as it really should be, we can consider ourselves lucky. The true, the good and the right will then come easily to us. A man will succeed in preserving his own for himself. He'll deduce a lot from it for himself. He can use such goods for himself. Then these things will grow into more. This is supposed to be something that we will allow and accept. Real happiness certainly happens that way.


The willow

The willow embodies a paradisiacal state. It would be the place to stay to feed and rest. Then, when a person will make use of such a place, he can recover.



The question as to whether a person is able to determine something for himself that can also endure will be of great importance for his courage to self-determine in this existence.

By nature man has an orientation which enables him to understand and clarify his existence. So he's got a way to do something about himself.

In order to recognize even that advantage of such a thing, we need some time. Leave everything as it is in order to build up the necessary potential in a timely manner. What you will then understand, you have done yourself. Let's just keep that as part of our actual story.