speech formation


Heaven and earth,

Light and shadow,

Emptiness and form,

both happen.

It keeps order,

that the two have separated.

All the nuances of it are only apparently some.

They're supposed to be real spheres.

The light has not mixed with the darkness.

Everything else doesn't mix either.

But in everything the light and something dark will be united in the container.

So heaven penetrates the world here in the world with certainty.

He has already penetrated into the smallest pores and

has created a space there for something,

that exists.

That's how heaven does things.

The formless one gives them their face.

Everything there becomes form.



Coming from the outside,

aware of things,

we act on them.

We need a sense for that.

Our actions have their orientation.

Clockwise, we show it,

what is supposed to happen

and do well.

But being of things is an intense greatness.

It will be learned, it has not been taken.

Things are turning around.

Everything circles has its direction.

The influence and the effect are opposite to each other.

We will only feel the threshold of it alone.

That's how we massage things.

That's where we get to the point.

All appearances will be contrary.

The given and the taken are contradictory to each other.

The sum of all this would be nothing.