The Construct at its Core


The latest thought

On the path of inner guidance there is a thought as the youngest. This is supposed to be the present moment, which we are really prepared to implement. Follow this path willingly. There will be many a gate open. Some light will appear.

The world is immersed in a chaos of intoxication and phenomena that emerge from hallucinations. Each individual would sort this out for himself by becoming independent of her. You're gonna have to be with yourself. The way to oneself should be the hardest of all possible ways. It requires manifold rethinking, since man cannot follow a straight path in the long run.

Every person can carry an impulse. We feel this well. But one question remains. Do we also follow this inner impulse from ourselves? How do we deal with it when it appears and we become aware of its meaning? - A life in the moment will reveal the most violent feeling imaginable, but will also bring us to life. Our thoughts should be durable. As inner impulses they come to execution and become manifest. There we receive the actual orientation from ourselves and come to terms with things. But attention! - That wouldn't be the road of the victors we're taking. We will have all kinds of things to do so that there will be no time at all to be content with such ridicule.


Use of an inner illustration

In everyday life we humans use many different things. There would be objects of a material nature, but also of an immaterial nature. Before the work comes the inner picture. This must first have originated with us before it can be manifested in the outer area perceptible to others.

The inner images are sometimes charged with everything that is going on in our lives. They will soon appear in a different light as we change our position. The order of magnitude of the interior in man should be of the same kind as that of the view of the exterior of us. There this whole thing becomes a sphere with two possibilities for emanation.

Many things will seem necessary before our eyes, because everything is in motion and would not stand still. Meanwhile, the stability of a person is supposed to be one of his postures, which contains almost manifold existing energies. With every change of posture we generate some of them and remove them from the body, so we often have to shift our weight to stay calm. It is this own weight of ourselves that we must balance again and again in order to achieve the stability of posture necessary for our existence. In a stable environment this will be easier for us than anywhere else.

There it should be an important hint that we humans carry around a level, a level with us, to which we can return if we want to go to rest. All we have to do is to stop all our efforts to find it. This should be associated with a stable state of ourselves.

How are we to cope with such aspects of this existence? - Let us simply proceed in such a way that we assume the actual state of it and preserve what is there. We want it to open its value to us. Such a value can be perceived by us. It already represents a derived quantity, so it will be an inner picture of ourselves.


On the nature of the construct

The construct in the core should be a formed structure of geometric shapes. It has its own appearance and forms a frame for itself, which overlays a point (Bindu). It should fail regularly, seen from its construction. Everything about it will have to be ordered or it will be discarded. It is possible to construct this work. It shall be composed of such elements as are known to us. We are familiar with it, so we will generate something suitable with it. These structures are to be arranged and furnished in such a way that something becomes clear to us when the work appears before our eyes. It embodies this inner picture as a construct of known things and results in a whole sum of circumstances. From this further thoughts and ideas are to grow with us in conclusive way. That is what this work will be for, so it should be worthwhile to see it.

Meanwhile, it itself represents a whole sum of such works in our imagination. It shows us something. It exists as a construction that is always the same, of equal value and also of the same type according to the laws of the given and trains us in a way that is unique to it. That's supposed to be something we'll recognize. A fantasy will release corresponding inner images in us, how they are connected with it. There's something emanating from man that he can perceive. He can also release and represent that afterwards. Yeah, he'll know how to impersonate it.

A good also does something else. Everything is connected with each other and forms a unit. It's gonna be strong. That's supposed to be a principle. We would like to make use of this. Thus we receive some food for it, in order to bring even something to ways. Another work will be something that builds on what we know. Little by little we will learn how to use this method. Yes, we are supposed to be familiar with dealing with such a scheme. Here we would like to take note of what the actual basis of a work of art will be. One examines what has become and recognizes it as something that corresponds to ourselves. That is supposed to be what can give a thing its weight with us. One recognizes it in oneself, whether one likes it, whether it pleases us and whether it enriches what becomes possible because of it. As a connoisseur of this matter, one should take a look at the idea that all of mankind's cultural assets are built on such a basis as is schematically outlined here. One becomes aware of the simplicity that this is when one wants to be creatively active. An unexpected multiplicity of forms is therefore supposed to be based on a multiplication of such known aspects of the given and will actually be of a trivial nature. This will be like the kind of art in which a work is composed of something that is actually well known. Once this knowledge has been made accessible to a man, then hopefully he will finally stop adulating the heroes of past times and probably still want to get to work himself. So it should be possible for us to move something ourselves in the right direction.

It all makes sense. Movement holds in itself all the good and bad of this world, makes it visible and attainable. Sometimes a human being is confronted with that moment of contemplation because he might be able to see something unforeseen and want to think about it. One becomes aware that there is more on the ground than just that tangible part of a visible world. One should not equate oneself prematurely with such a system. Too much you will lose so spontaneously, even give up because of it, if you do. One should dissociate oneself from making such a mistake. In order not to go to a prison of misconceptions about this reality, one should regard all the phenomena of this world as finite in nature and handle them as such. They will soon pass away again before our eyes. If we look at it first, we also perceive what is connected with it in ourselves. This process is temporarily maintained for a certain period of time. There one finds one's own concept of emptiness, of nothing, of dissolution. One sets up such a situation temporarily with oneself and consolidates it somewhat by maintaining the state of oneself that comes into being for us with it. All of it will be preserved by us as it happens there. This brings us a little closer to the whole of this cosmos. His unit we perceive there. By acknowledging what can be experienced, one can even hear the real aspect of what is barren of all other things based on it. Man proves himself to be able to take on such states and leaves nothing out of it. Everything is part of it, if it can appear. Nothing should be missing or even cancelled. Here we should confidently talk about the fact that something has normalized in us or is clearly audible to us again. But then what should still be imperfect in our happiness?



The gift of a person is to be obtained from this person. He should be allowed to deal with something that corresponds to her. Thus he will apply and convert these with an actual activity. It's supposed to enrich his existence. And it's supposed to ensure some of his quality of life that he does. Anything deviating from this would not be necessary for a benign life faithful to one's own nature. And one has to submit to such a nature as a human being. She had to be just. In this way we are to receive the good of this existence for us in the first place, which of course is due to us. Nobody should deny his fellow men that they try to orient themselves on their actual talents. This should be particularly valid if they want to bring something to fruition.

It would not be of importance for the world around us what kind of talent someone brings with him. Everyone has something of their own that they can afford. That'll be useful, too. It can be one's own interest in something that will make it recognizable. God's gifts should be what is given to us humans. One should not prematurely reject these or even fail a second person to stand up for them in oneself. Every person needs a real hope for this life. This will also apply to us. Who's to be entitled to forbid us to do that?

No matter what argument we acknowledge and consider to be true, it should be heard and conveyed what it means. Those who have not been listened to are standing in the rain and will probably catch a cold. If nothing good has been conveyed to anyone, he is poor and would have nothing for himself to live on now. The human being becomes aware that he is abolished by a society, that he experiences a downright devaluation of his person through such exclusions. What is there to say about the value of such a community to this one? - People do have something of their own that they use to turn someone down, dispose of, and cold-sink someone else. Then a condition will occur which must also cause a bad merit. Such a person may appear in the form of a debt. It can also happen that we are not granted anything suitable, which should not be normal. A society that has also made a bulwark out of its midst will have no support from outsiders and is therefore in danger of losing its legitimacy with them.

We humans should therefore know that we should not dispose of them instead of other humans. We will certainly show such respect for our fellow human beings ourselves. We would like to establish a rule for what is to be respected at all. We shouldn't randomly determine one of these. Natural orders of magnitude should be assumed if these are to be determined. Once it has been found, we should maintain it and use it with us. Always do the same thing in the same way, so that we may know what it means. This should put us in a better starting position, which we need in order to achieve soon more security for ourselves in this existence. There we will have to acquire some knowledge about what our own standard and just such a rule for this life enables us to do. Thanks to this fact it should be possible for us to measure and evaluate the given. This has to be done promptly so that we can soon use what we want to do with it.

If we first clearly observe the requirements of this existence, we will also acknowledge our own responsibility for this existence. This shall neither lead to an authorization of ourselves nor remove us from such an authorization. The given right should remain positive of its kind and show people ways as well as spaces. It should be possible to determine what it is and where it can be used to achieve one's own goals. To this end, man should pay sufficient attention to himself. He acknowledges that as a person he unites a subject in himself who wants to realize something good that can also be described as such in his own sense. There man has an aspect of life clearly before his eyes and can deal with it. A human ego power should therefore be strengthened.

That will also be necessary to do. Some misconduct exists within this society in Germany and is currently breaking the social fabric apart. Egoism is often used as an argument to denounce misconduct. However, this will be a deeply difficult discussion, which one has to lead after the naming of this term. To eradicate egoism, of course, would mean nothing other than to make the individual conform to something whose meaning one could not determine oneself. If this weakened being also rejects materialism, which is often invoked in a similar negative way, then man will soon no longer have any means of his own and will therefore be without a self-determined existence. What else will he do but submit to an authority? What else can he help shape? - That's how man loses himself. In order to prevent or at least stop this process, it is necessary to bring a complaint against it and to finally concede to man his ego verbally. This ego will be nothing else than a verbalization from one word for the ego of man. In some contexts this term will have to be used before its application can be clarified in a regular way.

Already at the age of three, as a human being, one has a concept of this ego of one's own, if one develops normally. But I could not explain to myself why falling down on earlier states of the human being should bring about a solution to social problems. It doesn't seem plausible to me. I believe more in the advancement of the adult human being.

The same applies to materialism. I'll give you one thought on that. What I own, I want to be allowed to keep to myself. There can be no philosophical justification for a fundamental expropriation of man which would not convince us objectively. We have a right to arguments, we want to listen to them and be allowed to participate in the discussion with our own views and opinions. And when in the end it becomes clear to us what actually was the core of the poodle, which is why all this is undertaken by our adversaries, this situation can also be ascertained and evaluated, yes, it can be established and weighted, what that means.

This cannot be a comfortable way, which can be done in a compliant way, if one defines the borders and defends one's own space. The goods of a human being must be preserved as urgently as is possible for us. None of them shall be lost. However inconspicuous these things may be and they have no weight with other people, we are nevertheless entitled to their knowledge and use in everyday life as well as in special moments of life. This is all supposed to happen once.

Man in the presence of the early third millennium is very strongly oriented in his existence towards the acquisition of funds in order to consume something that he would not be able to produce himself. Meanwhile, however, he neglects those arguments which one needs in order to maintain a right to one's own existence as it is. The diligence in fulfilling one's own profession is judged by many to be inferior or even despised by them. But how else is a man to find his actual fulfillment in this existence? What argument should he have for himself if his own assets would no longer apply to others? - After all, it will be the profession of a man who comprehensively equips him with goods. Money wouldn't be all we would like to acquire in terms of assets if we worked a little.


have thoughts of the given

The consideration and assurance of those things given to us humans in this existence should be something necessary for this life. How else are we supposed to determine our happiness in life? - There we define such an own fortune, how this can be worked out by ourselves. There man recognizes the circumstances of his life and can learn something from them. It may sometimes be difficult to do that, but it should be necessary to do it so that we can orient ourselves. Meanwhile, an understanding of one's own person will certainly be conducive to a self-determined existence as a human being. Such an existence should not degenerate into a building of lies. It does not need to succumb to any deception and also otherwise it would not be of any kind. We don't want it to be a farce the way we live. What we see of it should equip us with thoughts and ideas.

Man is therefore a person, a subject per se and also appears among his fellow human beings. Even some linguistic inconsistencies in our statements should not change the fact that this will be so true. If it is sometimes the case that one would not really know whether this or that statement will go down well with a second, then a human being's statement is needed in order to be heard. That's where we make ourselves known. How are you supposed to deal with us without that? - If we didn't recognize ourselves a suitable approach for how to reach our fellow human beings, nothing else would be possible for us in dealing with them. How are we supposed to give them some of the actual knowledge we possess? How's something supposed to get right with them?

We need good circumstances for this life. There man crosses some borders and sometimes derails when these get lost. It causes a lot of evils when something like this persists. A lot of people go astray because they wouldn't know how to help themselves. A multiplicity of paths would not be to be undertaken by us at the same time. You bring order to the action. True to this approach, one would reject the talk of people if they did not know how to adhere to the standard required for the respective matter. That kind of stuff wouldn't do any good. The chronology of a course of events should be preserved by us beyond how it arises with us. We should refer to this again and again. Otherwise everything will be in vain.

You find your way around and get along. One differentiates oneself from the fact that one has to obey other people in an obedient manner, who hardly meant anything to one. One should refer to it that one has already learned something about life and knows how to draw conclusions from it. There the individual becomes greatness, so he can assert himself. You just confirm your own property yourself. What is to be expected of every human being should be a sincerity of his words.

I said that for a reason. Throughout his life, man thinks about the given, also the cause of his personal qualities, as he recognizes them. What formed his character in the past will also shape him socially today. That is why one confesses oneself to the experienced in such a way. This should be our treasure, which we would like to evaluate in detail, related to our own existence.

What is it that makes us conscious? - One can confidently assume that thanks to this a whole combination of personal qualities is given to man and makes him wealthy. That's the way it's supposed to be. A right of the human being to think and to feel the own basis of life exists therefore.


Prioritizing one's own thoughts

Man wants to make such decisions, which are based on his actual considerations. It's gonna be so important to him that he does. That should not be denied. He probably wants to find out something about the circumstances that matter to him. He has a limited, finite need for this.

A concern about the things actually given would like to occur in detail with us. That's where we can get some of it. This is to empower us. This gives you a good grip on yourself and you can cope with how your own existence behaves.


The wheel of fate

What makes us human? - The individual usually trusts in what is given to him and derives his need for moments to be experienced from it. He can equip himself with something necessary and accordingly, since he is well off to serve others through his own work. That's how he buys a lot of property. This improves his starting position for this existence, which in turn is supposed to be an advantage for him. There it can become something with us, if our existence follows such a trend. Our deeds will prosper, produce fruit and feed us. On every level of this existence this takes place. It'll move us in a direction that's good for us. Many things are improved in such a way in our country.

The actual attempts of human beings to survive before their fellow human beings by means of their own thoughts and ideas about this cosmos have made human beings as great as they actually were in ancient times. Nowadays, only a little more of this will be heard among us. Yesterday's splendour no longer flashed brightly today. What once flashed and was blank, some rust has set on it in the meantime and the material of it has eaten away a bit.

Without opposing such a thought in too violent a manner, we want to be able to take up the lance for a preservation of what is given today. Why should one reject something that has already released so much good? - If this also wants to be a rust food, which has started in the meantime, then it will be the right thing to assume for us. What testimony other than this one will there be? And wouldn't such a testimony justly show the true value of what is there?

A value of this existence should still be seen today. That will not be a past value, but it will appear in principle. Its significance for the presence of us humans would not be surpassed. What will happen to us once we finally recognize a meaning of it!


Create images

Actually, every own word that we have already pronounced will be an expression of a thought we have given ourselves. A person's concern is composed of something that comes from sources that are accessible to them. Others would not be at his disposal. There a man will be conditioned and will have to limit himself to his goodness. But then it should also be recognized by others that he is doing something according to one of the necessities of this world. Let him be considered and do not make this existence unnecessarily difficult for him. We too would not want to break under the burdens of everyday life. Life itself already shows enough need in itself. One would not need to strengthen these also still with one's fellow men. Therefore stand with yourself and acknowledge it as it is truly given for yourself.

You take good care of your own things. Thus a value of it develops with us. One also notices an associated event, as it arises. This is to be observed by us so that we may see the essence of this world. There it will be to be noticed what happens and what is. Meanwhile, one takes oneself somewhat back in relation to these things in order not to unduly disturb the natural course of events. That's what you do as a human being. Listen to your fellow human beings and reflect at the same time what other people have to say about such topics as they are discussed by us. Many a light can shine on us if we first register it and know how to watch what is happening around us.

This leaves us with some open questions. From whom will we learn what one wants to prepare and do in this existence as a human being for the offspring? - If we first acknowledge this question in an inner dialogue, then we will finally also reflect on what this existence is about us. There one considers oneself in detail and will be clear in one's thoughts. That'll be all for us, what ideas come up. Others wouldn't know what you make of yourself. That gives us some protection for it. It also represents a treasure in its own right. That's what makes up our background. This is supposed to give us a real backbone. A pronunciation of the actually suitable words takes place purposefully to an improvement of the own possibilities and the true conditions. Like a company of friends, you behave towards your fellow men and remain benevolent. But instead of teaching these fellow men or even supposedly enlightening them, one remains the one one really is and faithfully holds back one's own good. You can then finally be a role model for them, without letting yourself down or even blowing up.

And again, I have a question. Which situation will be enlightening enough for us to be able to learn something? - You look for an answer to that. That's what you do, because it will help you understand what's given. One could not determine the good of this world without having had a corresponding experience. So we need such an environment that makes something possible for us. You will have to realize for yourself how exhausting it can be to correctly assign and understand anything. You'd better let it go. On the other hand, the true requirements of this existence suit us well and can easily be handled by us. There one confesses to such events and carries out one's tasks according to a real lot as man, as it will undoubtedly be given to us.

What is the nature of this human fate? Have we kept the courage for ourselves to tackle this matter and to confess ourselves? Will we seriously exist in this existence with our own strength? What makes us special and how do we want to think about it? - Thus, by asking such questions, a whole sequence of thoughts and ideas can arise for us. There are also some statements made about it. If one confidently considers what comes up in ourselves when we look at something like this and afterwards consider what good it is. Wouldn't that also be us ourselves, who conscientiously think back and forth, for example, in order to come into balance with it? Would we not do this in such a way that we may preserve what is truly given to us in this existence? - Meanwhile, one feels a real hold on oneself and so forcefully preserves what is given to oneself that one will soon recognize what constitutes us as human beings. There we can appear ourselves, emerge and achieve something that will stand up to us well. With a shape of our own, we occur there and know something about ourselves.

We will appear as good in front of ourselves as we will in front of others. One faithfully allows one's own habitus to become comprehensible and mean something. You take care of this thing, and you figure it out. In this way, one should exist with something that will also really be significant for ourselves. Something like this should really be allowed to exist. Anyone who is viewed in a certain way by someone else will also have shown himself to be a person before this person with certainty. Something's coming true. What wouldn't all of us be able to win? - You just have to recognize what this existence brings with it. This is to develop us into upright and credible personalities. Therefore leave for everything that space needed to form a framework for it, which is needed by us to exist. This will appear. There's gonna be something emancipated about it. This should be done in a simple way, as it is possible on its own.

That makes a difference. One keeps such happiness well as a human being. There you get your own thoughts and ideas about what it means to us. Meanwhile, he refines his own language. That's how you do it, especially when you want to say something about it that should also be of value to other people. It's like this thing is the real thing in a person's life. After all, we want to communicate in a way that is also appealing to ourselves.

As a basis for such moments the movement of the body as well as the traces of such a movement should be used. This will be something unconscious that can be considered. Some of an artist's works reveal such traces in themselves and make it clear what is actually possible for them.

It doesn't matter whether we move around the world dancing, laughing and singing, or simply using the swings and engravings of our hands to get a visualization of what is unconsciously happening in ourselves. One realizes that such images are testimonies of ourselves. As such, they mean something.


Have your own spectrum of circumstances

That actual spectrum of a human being, as it is revealed through our doing, being and having, is also to be something of our own, which can be determined by ourselves. Such a spectrum is granted to every human being, because it will be something true per se. All emanations of this existence are to be regarded as educated. There these are to be assigned to an originator. Meanwhile, higher powers determine what will already be true by itself. This will be something powerful that can drive the becoming of things as well as their transformation. Then we join in and learn something about it from ourselves. We, too, can already exist on our own. We have what it takes. This should not be ignored when one is making a real effort. Everyone wants to be someone of meaning, respect and honor. But those who would not already be so on their own will find it difficult to enforce such a good.

And yet there should be practicable ways to improved moments of this existence. It will be right that such moments alone are only badly accomplished by wresting them from one's own nature. You'll have to do that for quite some time before you get something for it. All beginnings are small. Great will hardly be anything that would not be able to survive. One soon abandons this and does not give in to such demanding, but hardly to be mastered difficulties.

Man exists just as that which he already is. So you better start something with the goods you already have for yourself. These will have to be used without losing the fruit stalks obtained in the process. A result of this will also be one of our own.

It is the right of every human being to be allowed to manage his property. It will be, no matter what other people say. Whatever opinion they will have, it should not be significant what one talks about the other. You wouldn't be able to rely on other people saying something suitable all the time. Sometimes they'll scold a fellow human being. Words like that don't belong together. They're not due to anybody. It will be a disgrace when the shaming of other people is released and firmly belongs to the customs of a society. Such societies should be avoided. What good will it do to go and see them?

Consequently, it will be correct that it is a human being's real business to embody two fundamental spectral aspects in this existence. On the one hand he will be what he is, has and can do, on the other hand there will also be the following for him. What he would not be, what he would not have or what he could not do, that does not make his being any less special. You can always make mistakes, but basically something like this should become clear to us about the person himself.

Who he is is also determined by who he would not be. What he has is determined by what he wouldn't have. What he can do is determined by what he wouldn't do. There man suddenly appears in our imagination in a clear way. Only the one who has clarified and determined all these aspects will lead an independent life with a good outlook.

One can safely assume that this is the case, because it was he himself who recognized it and established it for himself, and so what should finally be known and given. This consideration follows from the 'system of naming things' and wants to be a real insight of the author Schneider.

speech formation

Get a complete whole

In order to experience one's own existence in a benign way, one will have to preserve one's own life properly. There it will be to be understood as something, which can be built up as a stronghold of happiness like a real garden. What will it be so nice to have one like that. One would like to confess to this good. This will be useful to spend your time with appealing things. You should be prepared to do this, even if you have something to do first, before everything can be in the right place with us. The rest earned in the evening thus becomes the reward of the day's work. Everything will be fine with us, during which time a certain peace is also possible. The opportunity to do so is recognised.

You can go inside and be with yourself. What wouldn't all that matter? - Many things can only be really experienced by us, what a lucky circumstance of these moments should be. You will also have a lot to consider as well as evaluate and weight what is good, true and right. There one recognizes something and knows of it also so some correctly to assign. Then you should be ready to judge yourself, after all you will have experienced it that way. That will simply be possible, if it has arrived with us by itself. Let us realize that we have to determine such thoughts, which would come up thereby with us. There we come up with some ideas and have something at hand that will be useful.

Now you can do some work. You make your own work. True to one's own life practice, this will have to be created. For this one needs a suitable yardstick, a guideline and further such things, which should be suitable to oneself. You pick and choose them and get them. Owning such objects will be necessary for one's own work. That's how you deal with what you own. That's to train you. But you can also learn something in this way.


Mobility and energy

On the actual path of life of us humans there can be so many things, which we will find and take up. Such a good forms a knowledge for us. There we know where to find something and how to reach it. Our own knowledge of ourselves will result in this. This can be evaluated. That's what you do in some ways. So one will learn one day to recognize what is enduring in this world.

Our own existence should become valid with us. That will be something for which there are practicable approaches, thanks to which we know how to survive. For this purpose, we always give some thought so that we can find out how something can be moved. That'll be useful to know something like this. You can create something, but you can also create something and get it done, if it has already happened to us to a sufficient extent before.



One should evaluate and weigh one's own thoughts. You have to name them and possibly combine them to whole fonts. With a little patience at work one will be able to achieve this. A fortune can result from some practice in it. This will be available for purchase. We may regard that thing as something true, which we also understand as such. Man exists as a being because of his personality. She serves her own life as well as this existence. It'll be good for that.

The complete whole is assigned to a human being as his own good, so that his finiteness can be seen. There you can see the limitations of such goods. One will hear his power, but also his orderliness will be felt. This should form some basis for an honest understanding of the human being with us. An actual kind of perfection will thus be attainable. At least in parts of this existence this should be possible for the human being. He'll be looking for the completeness of his fortune. So he will know how to strive for his own, which need not be a disadvantage.

The work of a man is recognized as his good and finds its existence. If it is also formed according to a person's consciousness, it should nevertheless not have to diminish its value. A value of it is awarded to him. He is the author of it, so he will also be the beneficiary of it. So that's for him, if you want to be fair to him. Everybody knows something about what it takes to get justice. The opposite kind of emanation, however, is experienced much earlier than respect and recognition. So it is hardly surprising that some are currently withdrawing and neither sharing their own good nor releasing it for participation.

Where one has experienced real hardships in his existence, he could probably no longer believe in an improvement of such moments. The furrows of actual desperation will have already burrowed too deeply into him for him to want to think about abolishing such things. After all, he will also have experienced a corresponding imprint once, which memories of what happened to him evoke in him.


From the spirit of man

The spirit of a human being was previously given to him as one matched the other. This comes to bear in the expression of its actual things. It affects a person's emotions and is therefore the key to everything.

An idea of man has appeared in Werk and has made something clear to him about himself. That'll be true. We shouldn't be picking that up again. In the end, everything that exists will be good to be called. Otherwise it would no longer exist.


Remembrance of the overall situation

The overall situation should be a solid one. So this will have to be accepted and also recognized by us. A person's actual knowledge of such things about this existence will have to be formed in a benign way. Only in this way will something become that can be preserved. Man is well committed with his own word to ensuring that something good, true and correct remains with him.


A fact

With certain statements about myself or about my actual things, it has sometimes been the case that these statements also express my actual attitude to the things of my existence. I have something to say about what makes my existence so special, that the given words are easy to understand.

I write about my own artistry. Beyond that, I also describe some of the things that are connected with it. It's important to me to do that. I want to learn how to express myself in order to be understood correctly by a readership. I would like to use the word for my own cause and thus receive something that takes me further on my way.

Some things I think about. I assume that it is necessary to complete one's own knowledge. Such a thing requires me. What I have already understood empowers me temporarily. That's where I want to convey it. I would also like to be able to work well on a knowledge of what has been given to me. Meanwhile I suppose that the mind of a human being as well as his knowledge of his own things is fundamentally incomplete. Therefore the given will have to be completed. All efforts can only lead one step further on one's own path. Everything here will be limited. This should also apply to progress. So a fortune can release to certain things only a little bit more knowledge in addition and knowledge of it with us. This will only be possible if it can be integrated into our existing assets. That creates some barriers. It wouldn't be so easy to do, because you have to unite it in a coherent way with everything else.

Some things are supposed to be necessary if you want to achieve something. There you will have to find out what the prerequisites are. There will then be something to explain about it, about what you have, but also what is still missing. We wouldn't own all of them already. Some things will be difficult to obtain from us alone. There is always a lack of any means. This is likely to be the case.

A certain quality of things can be found in this world. I consider such a thing to be pretended at any time with us. Meanwhile everything that occurs also has its counterpart, which can be a applicability or the field of application of it. There one connects with the other in our imaginary world. Such an accurate thought shall be received from us so that it may be understood at other times. You make your own notes about it.


A regulator

Man wants to get along with his things. That's why he's so good with everything he knows. One can truly see for oneself when that is the case. It's supposed to be something good that means something to us. The ideas that are conceived in this way can also be named. That's where we'll be able to talk about it. One waits for the feedback that accompanies this and perceives it in oneself when it comes up.

I think it's right to do this. Man should learn something from his experiences. That wouldn't necessarily be much that he can recognize, but it will be something of his own after all. One gains access to this true core of the things given to a human being. These should in principle be understood correctly by us. You will be able to build on what this is all about. For this purpose, one designs thoughts and ideas so that they do justice to such a standardization of language.

speech formation

A training of one's own gesture

The ability to make gestures can be trained by means of the representation and presentation of figures with the hands. It is advisable to use real figures, i.e. figures known to us about which we have actual knowledge, for this purpose. Moreover, these should not contradict regional customs. Meanwhile, avoid above all those special paths that are unfathomable. These will hardly bring us anything of value.


The shape of a tool

The tools of a craftsman are tuned and cut to specific hand shapes. This will all be very average what you can buy in the DIY store. Therefore, hardly any tool can achieve the optimum suitability for a human being. Everyone has their own type of hands. There you will hardly find a permanently suitable tool for yourself. Therefore, when using such tools, one should alternate again and again in order not to strain oneself one-sidedly and thus to cause actual damage to the hands.



Once a structure has been identified as given, we humans should necessarily adhere to it. This will be the least we will have to do in everyday life. Here you'll be a peer among peers. Everyone is measured according to this measure. The simplicity of such a structure will at the same time embody what is special about it. The thing of a human being is formed in a lasting way according to what it is.

Since a structure will always be elementary, this is how it should be. There man is shaped by such one. Meanwhile, all training of a human being aims at adhering to valid ways and regulations. Thus a person can learn to exist in an environment known to him. Afterwards he will either have to follow this path further or this thing will open up again in a real emptiness and disappear again. But then she wouldn't have been his real thing either.