The Point of Contrast


A standardization

Then, when we need a principle for the arrangement of certain things, we should choose that of a vividness and simplicity of the given. In this way something is released for which there is also a local meaning. That's supposed to have its reason. Meanwhile, we are getting into a good constitution, simply because we correspond to what is presented, as it is. There it comes out and gains weight.


The Principle of Schneider's Works

Turning everything upside down is something Schneider has never done before. He accepts the given as it is and looks at it in detail afterwards. There he can guard his things, but also keep them together. Also energetic considerations of it occur there with him. There are two ways to do this. For them he knows the following two approaches.

§ a clear-cut view of individual things

§ an overall view of the situation

Meanwhile, the same laws apply to the overall view of the given as are to be valid for the free consideration of a matter. However, these two approaches differ considerably. After all, a free-cut thing can correspond with its surroundings, while an overall system must remain self-contained. It's having an effect. From one thing you can learn something about the other.

Meanwhile, a work of art will be an act of transformation of the given. It draws something from the given and makes it more or less tangible. Only something possible can be represented, for which a frame exists as the source of being. This relationship gives rise to the occasions on which a matter may arise. It can be looked at and named. It will of course have an effect at any time. This will be the case even if one has neither looked at it nor named it.

Whether we are consciously active or whether we wouldn't be, that certainly affects the quality of our work. The question of what our work shows is thus co-determined. The conscious worker can emphasize the essence of a nature of things. He will design the object to be viewed according to what his sense of it is suitable to be shown.

Schneider is now on a path of self-discovery. He wants to acknowledge a true motive for his actions. Such is his search for the real conditions of a human life, as it is roughly outlined by him here and elsewhere. He looks for such connections of things, which also have meaning for his existence. He has only excluded and eradicated something arbitrary, because something like this will have no relation to the existing. That leaves your own. That's what he's trying to work with. Meanwhile, he looks at the matrix of his exhibition and asks himself what benign things can be added to it without making a real mistake. It is important for him to show you what should have a meaning for it, which also really does justice to his order.


In a nutshell

§ The point in contrast to a surrounding surface.

§ A point in space without expansion, but of bright shimmer.

A contrast occurs, which can amplify the point and make the given visible. His name's Bindu. This is what the Indians call this point in relation to Shriyantra. There it is thought of as a melting point and is also used in this way. This crucible serves to dissolve a structure and to melt down a tissue of such substances, as they arose in the thoughts as ideas. In this way, man frees himself from what is actually his fundamental condition. There he can breathe a sigh of relief and learn to pass again. Whoever does this largely updates his understanding of the given. Afterwards everything given is formed again in such a way, as it existed before. This process serves a purpose of preserving it. The practitioner becomes aware of many things in this exercise, many things become known in the first place.

This world is looked at in a constantly uniform way. Pretend you don't. This shall be according to the order of the given. Such a thing can become known. So all knowledge just shall not be rejected, but shall be a completion of given by an addition of its elements. So what we imagine can really exist.

Analogous to such an introspection, man can also find himself, i.e. occur and recognize himself. There he becomes a whole in the whole. It should be something that is able to reflect everything in itself that occurs in his existence. Thus he will develop a conscience, but also a memory and a concern for himself.


Recognising wrong arguments

§ Just because I myself have sometimes lacked the arguments for my own cause would not mean that I must have been wrong all the time with my things.

Sometimes one is tested by one's fellow men on one's own conscience. Every human being has one of these. Acknowledging that will be a question of character. You either know about it or you don't. Sometimes you're wrong and you get something wrong. Then it won't matter what you say. All answers to these questions are null and void. It's all going to happen by accident. How is there supposed to be anything safer that comes from us?


A principle

The following approach should apply to the sectional area of the given.

§ as the above, so will the below be too

A change of things takes place continuously and makes them permanent.


Knowing a panacea

The panacea will be a remedy that should neither be prescribed nor given. It should not be ingested by us or applied to the skin. I want us to know that. Something like this should, in principle, be available in sufficient quantities, but it should not be used unduly here.

I would now like to make the following observation. Since something that will heal everything can also wipe out everything in us, such a remedy would not be easy to use. A gratuitous use of it will be harmful. It would be better to abstain from using this drug. But the thought of it should already make us healthy.

A person can only be sick if he is sick in relation to himself. But that will also be a matter of attitude. Such a thing shall be judged. Man does not simply make himself free of what he is, but faithfully acknowledges the given as it has become valid for him. He better detach himself from the arbitrary and set up the wrongly recognized correctly with himself again. Oh yes, we are supposed to recognize something of our health by the way things are directed by us. That's why you put everything into paying attention to it, how you shape your existence and how you carry out your actions. Some handles already have an actual healing power. These are of a physical nature and, as far as body chemistry is concerned, harmless. With it you know something with the time, how you have to align your body, so that it goes well for you.

A disease is supposed to be something that can be easily detached from man. Those who have recognized them will learn to control themselves, as long as they know how to handle them well and what makes them special. To do this, you have to familiarize yourself with your own health. One recognizes his person, his essence and the being of a human being. If something unhealthy remains with us, then we will intervene in a regulating way and know how to give ourselves a foothold. All unnecessary burdens should be taken from us so that we can recover. This serves to eliminate some dominant but superfluous physical imbalances. What wouldn't be all right if we just let it go? What would not be possible for us once we have calmed down again?

The human being needs at times a check on his health and a compatibility of who he is for others. This shall be done again and again by ourselves. You go in seclusion with yourself. In addition, one mentions suitable persons for oneself, in order to discuss something like this with them, what one has learned from oneself in the process. That's what you do before you get any unnecessary treatment from us.

Some people will be well advised to go into themselves and let go of something, even to stop with something that they no longer needed.


A testimony of poverty

My works want to be understood as testimonies of my own poverty, which is partly self-inflicted. I have neither the patience, the money nor the courage to do anything greater than what has already been done. Unfortunately, sometimes I have failed in this existence. I have also been denied many things so far. I've seen that well now. So now I have some reason to face my fate and acknowledge it. I don't want to fight any longer against the valid conditions of my own existence. Rather than that, I want to try to finally come to terms with these matters, as they have occurred to me in the meantime.

In the last few years I have increasingly understood more and more what is true, good and right for me in this life. That equips me. That's when I assigned some of it to my existence. I've written a lot of things down. Some events of earlier days have come to my mind again. What was to be achieved for me in this way, I then considered again and made clear to myself something about it. I have made it increasingly clear to myself that it is not without reason that I have experienced such things as my life has brought with it. So my life also has its substance. I look at these. This is how I want to be able to take full responsibility for what happens to me during my life. I insist on appropriating the necessary goods myself. I want to finally empower myself with these things.

So many things have been put into a file by me. In the meantime I have received a certain overview of what my existence is all about. I'm dealing with what I found out. This has already released something I need, which I take up again and again in Werk. With this good I like to work on something else, because it belongs to me. That's pretty much improved my actual basis for this life.

I also work so conscientiously to develop an actual morality. I want to strive for my own righteousness. That's me. By keeping such needs of me, I have finally received a better quality of life for myself. That makes me really happy.

But my existence would still not be completely free of difficulties. In this I am conditioned by such moments as my everyday life brings with it. I place a certain value on my life and like to shape what I am given. Some things have already turned out so good for me. Basically, I got something for myself that I needed. I deal with what I have. I'll keep my goods for that, so it stays that way.

I care a little about my happiness in life. It means as much to me as it does to you. That's my business. I have already made some efforts to wrest something from my things that I like.


An untapped potential

Man has his own nature, to which he is subjected in his existence. This nature largely determines the human being. It limits his ways, but also his possibilities are determined by it. It also determines that a person's things are of a finite nature.


An unborn heart

Man originates in the womb through procreation. Equipped with those gifts from father and mother, he is formed in this way, as a human being he is formed afterwards. His birth would not mark the end of such a development. A transfer of the qualifications of the parents continues to take place. The birth is only the end and the new beginning of a further phase of the life cycle.

It should be so given that a person is practically viable from the time of his birth. He can breathe, eat and excrete. He will also speak, see, taste and feel. He no longer needs a direct connection to his mother. But the good things that have been introduced into the mother's womb for the child and that have happened are still going on and will therefore be continued.

The parents will gradually show their child the things of a human being. Meanwhile, the child already possesses the ability to accept and absorb such things. So it equips itself with the good it needs. It should be the task of every human being to grow and mature after birth, even to thrive. It should also be about an education of the heart. This serves us for the completion of a life. So it is only in the course of his existence that a person really becomes a human being.


Doing nothing as an honest alternative

Whenever an actual inaction is a genuine alternative to an activity, doing nothing should be regarded as equal to doing something and should be preferred. You also need your breaks. But such idleness does not mean doing anything unnecessary. In this way of its meaning it far exceeds the value of an action.

Man would not be able to be permanently active without suffering actual damage. The reason for our own actions should be known to us. We would like to deduce from this what will be necessary. So it can be chosen by ourselves what we have to do, but what we also want to do. It should also be sensible and permissible for our spirit to recognize what will have to be done so that it would not damage the mind of man.

But it all fades away exactly as it once arrived with us. Sometimes that would leave nothing but fallow meadows.

speech formation

Be open and direct

I consider it a virtue to be open and direct. Some things can be cleared up so quickly by me. It's made things a lot easier. A prompt pronunciation of the given things should make some good ways in our existence possible for us humans at all. Those who promptly show certain reactions to their environment are usually well understood by other people.

What is to happen once has to be prepared. You wouldn't necessarily have to do something like this here, but you should make your way immediately to where it will be possible. This will give us a meaning of the present for our own destiny.

speech formation

Openness in everyday life

I myself am actually a cosmopolitan, life-affirming person. The two belong together so strongly. The one without the other certainly loses value. I know that well. For this reason, I have maintained a supportive attitude towards the preservation of life. Its very foundation has meaning for ourselves.

In a person's life it should also be about how we will learn something about our own existence and how we will gain some knowledge about what it is.

speech formation


Man has his own pictorial space, his imagination comes into force there. At times he can perceive this pictorial space well. There he preserves this, as well as a picture appearing there. This may have additional properties. That's where he uses this area for work. He deals with his pictures. So he can create something with what he's entered. Such an area of work can be expanded and consolidated.