The Outer Ring

speech formation

Going into something

The experience of rejection by other people in one's own environment would certainly be a formative one for man. It's sometimes been accompanied by people talking. There is talk and interpretation, but also intrigue and hypocrisy. How's that supposed to work out? - It would be better to soon completely evade such a situation.


Maintaining your own approach

Sometimes man needs an approach to a way of doing his own things that is suitable for everyday life. That'll be one thing that means something to him. He certainly wants to preserve the given for himself and make it so that his things will prosper some day.

Everyone has acquired certain talents for himself, thanks to which he knows how to survive in the performance of a job. It was important to strengthen these concerns of ourselves as far as possible. One always acts beneficially to one's own cause. Where that works, you accomplish something in dealing with things. The consequences of one's own existence should also be bearable for others. Once that is the case, our existence will probably stabilise considerably.


Know how to behave correctly

In order to obtain one's own knowledge of what is just to be done or not to be done, a person should consider the circumstances of this existence in himself. We'll find some explanation for what happened. It should be an important good of man that he can learn something through reflection. If a person has this gift of his own, he will be able to use it to determine what is going on with the given things. Meanwhile, he is orienting himself towards a certain progress of these circumstances. The belief in the necessity of progress in good works should be known to him. Thus each individual consists of performing his works faithfully to such a manner.

speech formation

To know something for his fellow men

Without having someone for oneself who knows something true about oneself, one could not really exist within this world. Only the testimony of another will help us to be heard by an environment with our concerns.