First Moonhouse


trigger of a reminder

A person should be able to consider his own existence well even afterwards. (The aspect of the moon sometimes stands for the memories and one's own thoughts about these.) And yet his own life would not simply appear to him as a haven of truthfulness and virtue without having recognized a good reason to do so. You'll have to do something about it if you want something like this to come true. We should therefore be allowed to assess our own qualities. In the preparation of these own things, however, the own weak points should not be ignored. We should acknowledge these just as much because they are meant to be. This will give us some insight. This should make something good possible for us. You'll probably be able to strengthen yourself spiritually that way.

It would be good if the things that are happening, as well as the things that have already happened, were seen and recognized by us in a sincere way. We're finally getting there. For this purpose we should bring the necessary readiness with us. What is thereby moved with us, would not take place without reason so. So one would not come so simply into a comfortable situation, but one will get to know something of himself. What would you like to achieve with a comfortable location in this life? - I want us to understand that. So it will be good that one adjusts oneself to what is truly given sufficiently well. This is done in such a way that it remains sufficiently known to us and we do not miss any of it.

It should be considered something useful to me that I would like to understand my own happiness or misfortune in this existence correctly. I want to assign the events of my life to each other correctly. I expect a lot from that.

I am currently learning how to address these moments to my fellow human beings in a way that is just for myself. I'd like to mature on that. That's why I want to be an adult, because I also think I have something to say about weight. The good things that can be seen in this world should be allowed to be addressed. It will be there, after all, that's how you experienced it.

I assume that such things are finite. Everything can be lost. Even the right time would not wait for us. If one acknowledges and reflects one's existence and what one can know about it in a correct form, it will be so true. You can say something about it. This can be done quickly without getting bogged down or even rushing about. Everything arbitrary is to be dissolved by us, because it would be good for nothing right. Don't distract yourself with what's happening somewhere. Let's just limit ourselves to our own good. There's supposed to be such a thing. It'll be there.

Anyone who, like me, is on such a path will probably be a good conversational partner for me. You can talk to each other about such true things. Anyone who talks about what there is, and who refers to their own ability to act, is doing something right, I think. Some people think so too. There would like to arise nevertheless an own thought and also so some idea with us. Such situations still make up my existence in retrospect, which I think is good. For the representation of such facts it shall come once with me. I'm looking forward to that.

But first I check myself and set up such conclusions with me, which make it possible for me to get an overview of what is given to me. I'm looking for suitable opportunities. I ask myself how I can meaningfully evaluate my previous experiences with this existence. I discuss such things here and elsewhere. I attach great importance to a certain quality of such meetings, after all I would like to win something for myself through them.

In the meantime I have already prepared some of what my life has been like so far. I find my own words, structures and mental connections. These come up to me as they are entered to me. That gives me a thought. This life is to be preserved by us in such a way as it has arisen with us of its own accord. Let us simply remain independent of the ideas of others and achieve something of our own, which will really be right in our sense.



An accustomed structure, which has already been accepted and accepted by us by means of inner circumstances, for example by assigning and understanding it to ourselves, is supposed to provide us with a real hold.

One possible question will be how to achieve such a structure, even how to set it up. In my opinion, it is important to leave what is already there as it is now. One only clears up what is given and sets out on a path that is good for oneself. In a man's life, that will be possible. These should all be processes that slowly but sustainably secure one's own quality of life. For this it must correspond to us what we have, what we do and what we are. According to this triad of the given, we would like to find ourselves in this world. It should not cause us too much trouble to arrange our own things in the way we actually need them for ourselves.

If we first express ourselves about such things, then something can also come true. Let's just find out something about ourselves. What do we expect from this existence? Is that possible? - What that will be is for us to decide. It should be in our own power to determine what we want to deal with. After all, it's supposed to be something that really has something to do with us. How else will we know how to preserve the fortunes of this existence for ourselves!



For some, the symbols will be important for living their faith. For the other, the right words alone were enough to enable him to achieve the powers he needed thanks to them. What is really true, good and right will remain so in the long run. But once I have received faith for myself and have gained strength through it, I will also want to maintain and affirm it. Faith should therefore be a motive for man. He will enable us to act in a certain way.

I try to execute some of my works faithfully to these facts. I do this in order to have certain examples of my wealth at hand, on which I can orientate myself in my further work. I will continue to go into seclusion with myself when I prepare what has been given.



My own work shall have a salary which corresponds to myself. It already points out one of these of its own accord. These works are to be formed by me from that substance, which constitutes my existence in its entirety. The question as to whether these circumstances are of their own nature or not is out of the question. This is my life, who but me can lead it?


Whoever stands up well to others with his own work enjoys real support from certain people. One will know how to use these well for one's own existence. Then the dog years should end for a human being.


A point of view

All the knowledge acquired by mankind so far, taken together, would probably not be powerful enough to master one's own life sufficiently.

Oh, this knowledge will often be too special for those everyday situations that we experience in this being. As a treasure it should still be valuable and important, but it will often be too extensive and too powerful of its kind to be understood sufficiently by itself.

If it also wants to be true what is known by individual experts, then it is somewhat impractical to consider all this yourself. As a layman it will be better possible to leave the five straight from time to time and decide something for yourself.


Man would not be able to rely on the fact that a decision already made by him now will be the right one for all times. He should be allowed to adapt them further. He did this from time to time in order to continue to cope with his concerns.


About art itself

At some point a motivated person will probably find his way to an understanding of the arts. This requires a reflection on phenomena experienced by oneself, because hardly everything can be addressed and understood. A person's phenomenal world of experience should be a treasure for this. This is already given to us by human existence. A lot of things come true.

That would be the real treasure, from which one can take one's thoughts and ideas about the matter. An aptitude for art could not exist without such a primordial cause in the human background.

The creative professions will all achieve something useful in Werk. Meanwhile, the artists primarily serve themselves, but in this way they create examples for other people and their work.