The Ring in the Middle

speech formation

Completing your own work

I would like to get to know my own handholds and attach them to a work. It's supposed to do my hands good. In addition, I would like to pronounce my own written word and trust the emotion that I feel. That's how I want to try to get by with my own life. I would like to preserve the works that I have already created for the future, so that this whole can flourish.

speech formation

The OK state

Man would have a hard time with this existence if he did not know what he would love and value, what would be good and right for him. Then all his things would be questionable and he wouldn't be really sure of anything anymore. Then man would not have it easy with his life situation. He will then have to think again and again so that he does not make another mistake and everything would not get even worse. It'll be like hell what he's going through.

For this reason, I propagate a state to which it applies that it is okay, that it is all right. You can express it in many ways. Many words can be used for this purpose. Also some gestures and some expressions will convey this to a second person well.

We're double insisting in an odd way. Once this will happen before our fellow human beings, but secondly it should also happen before ourselves. There man recognizes himself by the reflection of his own being by his fellow men. His actions and words determine the moment and give him access to feedback. We filter them, assign them and apply some techniques to them in order to come to terms with them sufficiently even in life.

Every step that we humans take should be steps in the midst of this world and keep us close to the center of what is happening. This creation, meanwhile, pulsates and renews itself at any time. Here's some of that.


The plan and its implementation

I would like to make an exact plan for myself and then faithfully adhere to it. My watch and my calendar will help me to see what is given. With the clock I can determine the time of day and with the calendar the day, the week and the month. A notebook should complement this basic equipment. I'd like to use it to write down my appointments. Keeping formal punctuality wouldn't necessarily hurt me either.


Dealing with a normal

A thing necessary for me for an assignment of the given would be the normal for its dimensioning. I know something about that. I like to use this object for my orientation. I use it as an image for the magnitudes of nature. Each of them has its own examples.

To consider the basic idea of a standard, I like to use a rod anchored to the ground, which is attached almost vertically. I then deal with such a thing visually. I derive something from it that will only exist virtually. This forms many a reference system. Then I put something into it that I want to understand correctly.

On the basis of an actual performance, all this already works out well. But the normal can also be formed. It can be shaped. I use what makes this object useful in everyday life. I can work for Werk and clarify my values.


Patience as a source of strength

Nothing of what is urgently needed would be permanently available in every abundance to the current user of this thing. The things that serve one's own needs must first be made or brought before they can be accessed. Everyone has a certain background for himself, from which he can draw his own ideas and thoughts. The own base wants to be controlled. After all, it should serve to establish and maintain our actual sphere of activity.

The one who devotes himself calmly in his existence to the given things with devotion will probably pull many things to his side.