The law of purity is closely related to that of mixing similar things. He who has recognized others as equal to himself will certainly not have to fear any disadvantage from a view of the value of these people. Those who want to be close to themselves should not be afraid of being close to their fellow human beings. So he also finds himself with these to himself. Who else will miss the goal of this existence? - If we know such a thing due to our own shortcomings perhaps only fragmentarily, then we would not like to have to get along without friends. Meanwhile, we don't want to despise any of our fellow men either. Whoever's around us right now, we might even love for being there.


A comparison

The difference between a purist and a nihilist should be clearly visible. I would like to mention a comparison. For the purist the night will be the dark security of the soul after the long, demanding day. The following day will reveal for him the wonderful side of the Light, which leads from such fulfillment to the truth of this life. - On the other hand, the nihilist is dissatisfied with the night because it is not a day. But he has nothing to do with the day either, because he will hardly have recovered before, at night.

True to these two principles, the purists differ from the nihilists. One awakens from his sleep, the other finds no such one.


Emptiness and willingness

If you want to be ready for something, you shouldn't have to face any other great tasks at this moment. Anyone who wants to get ready for something should temporarily refrain from everything else.


Of time and its intensity

What man has generally recognized as his strength would be nothing more than an experience of the duration of a moment. All intensively experienced events let us feel the time at which they occurred. So it will be logical, after all, to infer time from the moment. But the one who has concluded from time to the moment, he will thereby pervert these things.


Conditionality of human existence

If you want to work something, you must first of all give up all other types of activity. This implies a success that really has something to do with it. What grows for man through his labour, that continuously determines his existence.


human faith

If you want to taste fruit, go get it. First of all, please determine what you have to own. Determine what this is that you need. Determine how much of your goods you can spare to use for your cause. Find a way for you to reach your goal. Note that it will be attainable true to the value of your means. It should be once your own insight into such relations, what constitutes the reason of you.


Information as a permanent factor

Something that reproduces itself has no salary other than this one. That doesn't lead to an increase in information. The words bubble out of us and die away. What is formed in the process should be useless. - And yet this is supposed to be exactly the truth of the world as it appears. The character of such information can be compared to the appearance of a fractal. What is regarded elsewhere as circular reasoning reigns over the world with mighty power. Reproduction is the engine that sustains life. It's not an argument, it's a fact.


Revolution of the turtles

Very few situations require a targeted revolution. During my existence, I have only come across very few examples which make sense of the fact that the associated change is really seen as a revolution.

Turtles walk on their own legs. If they're knocked over, they can't help themselves. It is good if the sea sends you a wave, because the water gives it back the possibility to do so.


Being and acting

Sometimes man acts, sometimes he does not act either. This will be in harmony and will continue. But what man is, he will always be. It should be easy to see that, calculated for the moment of temporal duration, being is more important than doing. What we are is supposed to be more important than what we do.

An existence is experienced by man at any time. Only when he's asleep does he seem to have forgotten that. Acting, however, is the implicit commitment to an activity. All other types of actuation must be omitted.

Thus the existence of man is one for the whole of his life. But what we do can and will vary.