The Inner Ring



We should accept our own existence as it is. Let the given take effect. In the aftermath one will then experience it, what means something.

Man is an active one. He finds his own strength when he does something with his own motivation. This motivation results from his inner illustration, an idea of his own life. He can see these and thus adjust to the true circumstances of this existence.

speech formation

Possibilities of a human

The thought of a human being results from the requirements of his existence. This would therefore not be a free choice. So you couldn't think the way you want to. Claiming that for yourself would be a mistake. It would testify nothing other than an arbitrariness of one's own thoughts. But the arbitrary has already been determined as something wrong. It has no meaning for the matter, nor does it have any reason to own. Without a reason to have a thought, it would probably lead nowhere. But then thinking would be superfluous, which otherwise it would not be.

A concern about the requirements of this existence, however, will be a possibility for man to secure his happiness. That's where our minds kept a high weight for it.

The human should be given an actual input. It's what he works his way through in his own life. This process takes place throughout a person's entire existence and sometimes makes us happy and cheerful. Other times, however, we are also saddened by this. A unity with oneself will have to be preserved completely rightly once one has acknowledged this. Even if we humans are unsteady, that will have its justification.

We're supposed to like that when we know something about each other. It will be man's task to preserve such a fortune for himself as it is necessary to do so.


Of the loss of one's own

Nothing real would be given to man in the long run. He has to learn to deal with certain losses. Once one's own things are exposed to friction, for example during illness and war, they will certainly also be lost to an important extent. However, this should not diminish a person's reputation. Man deserves his respect from us even if he has already failed in this existence. It's gonna happen to all of us once.

Just as one should not slaughter the soldiers of the defeated enemy, one should also not give up man in case of a disease of the body or the soul. It is necessary to make an honest effort to preserve the good. That's what our humanity is supposed to be, that we know what's good.


Targeted failure

Instead of tormenting oneself and spoiling oneself, one should temporarily give up those things which one could not permanently afford.

The deliberate failure means a crash in which one remains secured. You have something like a parachute or a safety rope with you. It can also be called a precautionary measure.